Hyatt is proud of our great workplace environment and long history of positive and successful relationships with our associates. Hyatt hotels across the country continue to receive accolades as the best places to work, recognition that is a direct result of associate surveys. We are deeply disappointed that UniteHere leaders continue to mislead respectable organizations about our strong relationship with associates, the diversity of our workforce, and the safety of our workplace.

UniteHere’s allegations about safety at Hyatt are a way to dress up their unionization campaign at Hyatt hotels. UniteHere’s claims about Hyatt aren’t supported by the facts:

  • At UniteHere’s urging, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration conducted nearly a dozen inspections at Hyatt hotels, none of which resulted in an ergonomic citation.
  • We couldn’t agree more that our associates deserve respect. They are the ones who serve our guests every day, and for that reason, their well-being is fundamental to Hyatt’s success.
  • We agree with scrupulously protecting our associates’ rights, including their right to a democratic secret ballot vote on union representation, which has been the right of workers under the National Labor Relations Act for 75 years. In fact, when Hyatt petitioned the National Labor Relations Board in 2011 to hold such votes at a number of Hyatt hotels, it was UniteHere that stood in the way of the votes.

Despite what UniteHere says, they seem to care more about adding dues paying members than supporting associates they already represent. In conjunction with their campaign against Hyatt, UniteHere leaders have prevented many associates they already represent from voting on Hyatt’s contract proposals containing the same wage and benefit terms that were accepted at Hilton and Starwood. For more than three years, UniteHere leaders have prevented associates from receiving the wage and benefits increases they deserve.