Associate Safety and Training

Hyatt believes the satisfaction and wellbeing of our associates are fundamental to the success of our business, because they are the ones who provide hospitality to our guests each day.

Our associates work hard and have the tools, resources, training and time they need to do a great job.

  • Training Initiatives: We consistently review properly techniques for completing tasks with our associates. We also host numerous safety-related webinars and seminars throughout the year, as well as share important background on our Hyatt Connect intranet.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment & Room Design Improvements: Our housekeeping staff uses a wide variety of equipment to make their jobs easier, including wedges and mops with various handle lengths. Many of our renovated guestrooms are easier to clean, with new and modern bathrooms and beds that are often lighter than the older beds.
  • Occupational Health Managers: We employ seven occupational health managers in the U.S., whose sole job is to promote workplace safety and address issues related to injury prevention and treatment. Our OHM’s are responsible for safety training and education, OSHA compliance and workers’ compensation, in addition to crisis response.
  • Third-Party Safety Partners: We enlist third-party partners who specialize in employee injury prevention. Our partners visit our hotels and interview associates and management to ensure we’re meeting high safety standards.
  • Fire Protection & Prevention Partners: We work with experts in fire protection and prevention to ensure our hotels are as safe from fire as possible. We meet or exceed local, state and federal regulations on sprinkler installation and also devote all necessary resources for system maintenance and regular safety drills.
  • Global Commitment: Best safety practices are shared globally and Hyatt properties must meet brand standards, which at a minimum meet and may exceed each country’s regulations.

We are proud to be an industry leader in workplace safety. Our strong workplace safety record is recognized by reputable third-party safety organizations, including the National Safety Council. Our record is also supported by the longevity of our workforce; for example, the average tenure for a Hyatt housekeeper in the U.S. is more than 12 years.