Diversity and Inclusion

At Hyatt, we recognize and value the extraordinary diversity of our associates and guests. But we understand that demographics alone do not automatically make us an inclusive workplace.

We believe we can only be a truly diverse and inclusive workplace if the people who work at our hotels can be themselves. Our programs and policies in the diversity and inclusion arena center-around the promotion of individual authenticity. Encouraging individual authenticity makes it easier for all our associates to provide authentic hospitality to our guests and colleagues.

Our formalized Diversity and Inclusion Vision is essential to understanding Hyatt’s culture and our mission of delivering authentic hospitality. Our vision is aimed at building and sustaining an inclusive environment where our associates are embraced and valued for who they are.

To achieve this vision, we rely on the foundation of our company values of Mutual Respect, Intellectual Honesty and Integrity, Humility, Fun, Creativity and Innovation. By living these values, we are able to make an impact within our three diversity and inclusion pillars: Workforce, Workplace and Marketplace.

  • WORKFORCE is taking a look at how we recruit, retain and develop high performing, talented and engaged associates with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • WORKPLACE is creating opportunities to educate, advocate and communicate diversity and inclusion topics in order to foster an inclusive, engaging culture and work environment where all associates share their own unique experiences, per-spectives, and are encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • MARKETPLACE is striving to be the preferred brand in the markets we serve by building valuable partnerships with our diverse customers, suppliers and developers.

Since the early 2000s, Hyatt has been focused on diversity and inclusion initiatives throughout the U.S. Initiatives that began in the U.S. have now since expanded globally.

Our associates’ pride and camaraderie are strong components of our D&I vision as grassroots support of Hyatt D&I efforts is a key element of our success. For the last three years, Hyatt has fostered the creation of associate network groups to further specific diversity interests within our company. Associates at all levels, who do not work in our Corporate Office, or for our D&I department, are spending their time to make Hyatt a more inclusive workplace. Specifically, associates in our HyPride and Women@Hyatt network groups have been instrumental in developing and executing our D&I Vision.

For more information on Hyatt’s extensive diversity and inclusion efforts, visit www.hyattdiversity.com. Visit our Awards page and Testimonials section for details on recognitions Hyatt has received for our diversity and inclusion efforts.