Corporate Responsibility

Hyatt wants to make the communities we serve places where our associates are proud to work, where guests want to visit and where owners want to invest.

Through our corporate responsibility program Hyatt Thrive, we look to meet the needs of our communities in four areas: environmental sustainability, economic development and investment, education and personal advancement, and health and wellness.

And we’re continue to expand our work. In June 2013, we rolled out new philanthropy efforts geared specifically at fostering human growth and personal advancement through education initiatives. We understand that supporting education serves a greater good while also helping us achieve our goal of growing Hyatt’s presence around the world because with education, we will be able to support our talent growth needs in places around the world where we’re expanding our presence, and an educated population will fuel our business and develop a new generation of intra-country and international travelers who can experience our authentic brands.

We are focused on making powerful connections with our guests and colleagues…and ultimately making a difference in the lives of those we touch.

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