Associate Experience

Our associates across the U.S. take great pride in providing our guests with the personalized and exceptional service that is a hallmark of Hyatt hotels.

Our associates stay with us for the long-term: the average tenure for Hyatt housekeepers in the U.S. is more than 12 years, and more than 14,000 of our U.S. colleagues have worked with us for 10 years or more. The average Hyatt housekeeper tenure across the country is more than 12 years.

Hyatt associates appreciate our strong commitment to promoting from within and the endless offering of opportunities for them. Many of our associates have been promoted to new positions within the Hyatt system, as part of our commitment to identify and develop the next level of leadership from within. Our number one applicant source is our Employee Referral Program and good company brands speak for themselves.

Over the past year, Hyatt has initiated a self-transformation to better unleash the passion for hospitality that our global colleagues share. This transformation is rooted in the same care for people that we’ve always believed in, but approaches ways that will set Hyatt apart – not just from hospitality companies but other service and consumer-facing companies as well.

We started with basic principles from experts, including concepts from the Stanford School of Design that look to understand how human values intersect with how companies innovate and relate to people. Inspired by these principles, we created our own approach where Hyatt colleagues listen more closely to one another and our guests on a deeper, more emotional level. Hyatt associates can then take what they learn and find individualized methods that work best for them to better serve guests and interact with their colleagues.

Putting this new approach into action requires a new way of thinking company-wide. We had to throw out the old scripts that our associates previously used to interact with guests and give them the skills to dig deeper. We recently completed a major rollout of this approach through our ‘change the conversation’ series of experiential training sessions. All of our 95,000 associates at Hyatt hotels around the globe were educated about empathetic listening and changing the guest experience.

Empathetic listening is powering hundreds of big and small innovations at Hyatt on a daily basis. These innovations are changing the guest experience in significant ways, and even as this transformation at Hyatt is underway, our approach has already started to yield new levels of engagement and energy among our teams, who are emboldened to create better experiences that foster loyalty among our colleagues and the guests we serve. We have new policies, tools, and ways of working together to make a difference, and early results show this approach has helped to increase guest service scores, strengthen retention, boost associate engagement results and loyalty to Hyatt.